15A CANopen Regler
Art. Nr.: 1503615

  • 15A motor control with up to 0.9 KW output power
  • Compact 4-quadrant controller for controlling DC, BLDC and linear motors
  • with CAN interface (device profile DSP402, protocol DS301)
  • digital inputs and outputs as well as an analog input on board
  • Overvoltage, undervoltage and overtemperature monitoring
  • Status display "Power", "Status" and "Error"
  • PLC functionality (MPU - Motion Process Unit)
15A-60V dcbldc linear analog-in digital-indigital outmpudigital-controlhoming user-applicationcan

Technische Daten mcDSA-E60
Versorgungsspannung Elektronik 9-30V
Versorgungsspannung Leistung 9-60V
Maximaler Ausgangsstrom 15A
Zulässiger Dauerausgangsstrom @ 40º C 5A
Digitale Eingänge 2 (3)
Digitale Ausgänge 1 (0)
Analoge Eingänge (0...+10V) 1